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Instructions for Authors

Preparing the manuscript

All manuscripts must be written in good English. It is essential that you prepare your manuscript according to the journal's format and style specifications. Please read through the Journal Template carefully before preparing your manuscript for submission.

Our journal consider all manuscripts on the strict condition that they have been submitted only to this journal and that they have not been published already. They must not be under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere. The title page should contain title, authors, a short abstract, and in the footnote of the first page it should include 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification and key words.

Manuscript begins with an introductory section that briefly summarizes the main results and explains the paper's significance and contribution to mathematics.

Main headings should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper.

Figures, if any, should be numbered and referenced in the text, but submitted as separate EPS files, or some other widely accepted format (cdr, vsd, ps…).

Equations must be labeled by arabic numbers in parentheses at the left margin, if referenced in the text.

A short concluding section may be useful for summarizing the results in a qualitative fashion.

The backmatter should appear as follows: acknowledgments (if any), appendix (if any) and references.

References should be cited in the text in order of appearance by number [1]. References at the end of the manuscript should be arranged by number and follow the style of these examples:
[1] J. Karamata, Sur un mode de croissance réguliére des fonctions, Mathematica (Cluj), 4 (1930), 38–53.
[2] J. Schwartz, Nonlinear functional analysis, Gordon and Breach, New York, 1969.

Submitting the manuscript

Papers to be considered for publication should be sent electronically (in the form of a PDF file) to the Editorial Office via e-mail

Once you have submitted your manuscript, your article will be assigned with a unique Reference number. This number will be sent to corresponding author via e-mail to confirm that your manuscript has been received by the journal Editorial Office. After that, manuscript is taken into administration and reviewing process. If the paper is accepted for publication, the author will be asked to send the paper in editable LaTeX format.

Awaiting Administration Processing

In particular, only papers within the areas of specialization of the Editorial Board Members will be considered. Papers submitted for possible publication in Mathematica Moravica are initially evaluated by the editors with regard to their suitability for the journal. This refers most of all to the content and its scientific quality. Papers with insufficient contribution to our fields of interest and/or poor organization and/or not prepared in the required style are rejected without delay so that the authors can improve or submit their work elsewhere.

The journal aims to apply very high standards in accepting papers for publication and will publish results that are of significant interest. Papers dealing with applications will be limited to those that contain significant treatment of mathematics and not routine applications of mathematics.

Peer review process

All manuscripts that are initially suitable for Journal will be refereed.

The task of the referee is to make a critical evaluation of the submitted paper and an explicit recommendation to accept or reject the paper for publication. In many cases, referees recommend minor or major revision, and provide explicit guidelines for the author(s) to follow. Paper revisions are submitted for re-review if requested by the reviewers or justified by the editors. The final decision on paper publication (accept/reject) is made by the editors and is not subject to appeal nor justification.

Referees are not supposed to communicate directly with the authors. All communications are through the Editorial Office.

The editors do not set a deadline for the final decision, but all effort will be made to process papers efficiently within a minimal amount of time.

Early View Service

Early View articles are complete full-text articles posted online in advance of their publication in a printed issue. Early View articles have been fully reviewed, copyedited and typeset. The nature of Early View articles means that they do have volume, issue and page numbers, so they can be cited. After print publication, these numbers remain valid and can continue to be used to cite and access the article.